• Increase Sales and Efficiency

    Increase Sales and Efficiency

  • 100% Web-Based

    100% Web-Based

  • Easy Data Exploration

    Easy Data Exploration

  • Superior Technical Support

    Superior Technical Support

  • Easily Tailored to Meet Your Needs

    Easily Tailored to Meet Your Needs

The Ideal Roof Asset Management Software Program

Roof Consultants  - Roofing Contractors - Facility Managers - Property Managers
RoofManager® is a web-based, full feature database solution used for the management of roof assets, maintenance, documents and contacts. Backed by a committed, stable software company in business since 1994, RoofManager® was developed by a team of roofing professionals and experienced software developers in 1998 and continues to be enhanced with frequent updates from user feedback.

• Consolidate information and enhance communication

• Real-time entry, upload and access to data
• Streamline processes
• Eliminate manual upload and organization of photos with our Mobile App!

Join our community of successful roofing professionals! 
RoofManager® is the roof software used by roofing professionals everywhere to save time and money while  managing millions of square feet of roofs at thousands of sites and buildings.

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  • Roof Asset Management

    Roof Asset Management

  • Roofing Client Portal

    Roofing Client Portal

  • Roofer Contact Management

    Roofer Contact Management

  • Roof Document Management

    Roof Document Management

  • Roofing Service Management

    Roofing Service Management